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Secure Money Solutions logo

5045 37th Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33711

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Tel: 813.404.8232

Fax: 727.866.3602

Florida Agency License Number L029965

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Our mission
is to help our clients build positive momentum toward future financial freedom with an array of financial savings and retirement vehicles; 'safe place solutions...' within the parameters of a professional, personable & integrity based business acumen.

Nestle into your own winning strategy for a safe and secure financial future.... 'Have it your way' with a variety of safe place long term savings choices from

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$ecure Money $olutions
.... Let us help map your successful retirement destination now!

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Annuity Concepts:
While each of us heads toward retirement, the peace of mind that comes with the notion of 'never outliving your income' is substantial....Take steps now to take advantage of tax deferred market upside participation without the risk of downside market losses... A common sense solution for long term savings. And, unique to the State of Florida, an annuity is a great method to protect your principal against loss due to the chance of business or personal liability concerns, bankruptcy or other related issues. Be sure to inquire about the intriguing advantages associated with the Fixed Index Annuity solution. A smart way to 'lock-in' savings for a secure financial future.

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mecanica materiales johnston beer Legacy Planning: Embracing the idea of leaving a 'legacy' to the next generation of family members including family traditions and history, life stories, values, and wishes..... Providing in-depth 'talking points' ensuring that each family member's wishes, hopes, fears, and key sensitive issues are discussed...
CD Replacements: Annuity solutions as a safer alternative...... An alternative that may outperform a certificate of deposit (CD) because of higher current rates. The power of tax-deferred annuity solutions versus taxable CD's can be dramatic! Advantage of triple compounding with annuity alternatives meaning you can earn interest your money, your interest, and the money you would have paid in taxes............ Lighten your Social Security tax burden and avoid the expense and delay of probate issues when transferring wealth to your heirs.
Long Term Care (LTC): 50% of Baby Boomers mistakenly believe that Medicare will pay for long-term care services, and 31% expect Medicaid to pay for this care (2005 MetLife Mature Market Institute Survey of Baby Boomers)... Two-thirds of single people and One-third of married couples exhaust their funds after just 13 weeks in a Nursing Home. Within two years, 90% will be bankrupt (2004 Field Guide, National Underwriter 2004)... Over 50% of all Americans will need long term care in their lifetime (Americans for LTC Security, August 1999). Home Care on average, costs $18.00 per hour & over $52,000 per year for 8 hours of care per day (Long-term care cost finder, CNNmoney.com, 2005)...These sobering statistics should give motivation to act now! Smart pre-emptive planning today may avoid catastrophic losses to one's retirement savings later.
'Stretch' IRA's: The greatest impact for this solution is to the primary beneficiaries... It allows the distribution to be "stretched' over each of the beneficiaries own life expectancy. The primary beneficiaries may benefit by maintaining a lower income tax rate and 'stretching' the income tax liability over their lifetime. This strategy may allow more money to stay in the IRA and continue to grow on a tax deferred basis over time....
Life Insurance: One of the most profound methods to demonstrate love and care to your surviving family members. Its purpose is to leave the remaining family members the opportunity to perhaps stay in the same home, attend the same school(s) or to enjoy similar routines and activities as life proceeds. Life insurance is not something many of us like to dwell upon but its importance is quite significant.

The guarantees provided by annuities and other insurance products are subject to the stability and claims paying ability of the issuing company and.... Are NOT FDIC insured; Are NOT obligations or deposits of, and are not guaranteed or underwritten by any bank, savings and loan or credit union or its affiliates; Are subject to investment risks, including interest-rate risk, and may experience loss of principal; Are unrelated to and not a condition of the provision or term of any banking service or activity. Additionally, performance by the annuity issuer is not guaranteed by any bank or its affiliates.